Tuesday, October 5, 2010


how time does fly! i have much to report, too much, it turns out. first and foremost, my new blog, Spindleshanks (the woolier side of my life) is now going to be up and running -- i promise! it has one measly little post at the moment but i intend to remedy that very soon and that's where anyone can go who cares to check out all of my knitting and spinning ventures and misadventures....

we also recently had a very fun photoshoot with my best partner in crime, Alex, and i will have more pictures from that going up somewhere soon, but here's one that Anatole shot of us together, both wearing hats of her own design (and strangely dressed alike, as well...good taste is just so catching, i guess!):


and you can see why i make her do all my modeling...we all have our roles to play on different sides of the camera. stick one in my face and i'm guaranteed to kind of freak out on you, or just freak out in general.

also we are all back in school (well, one teaching, one learning, and me just kind of doing my thing at work and play) which is why i have to go make breakfast now instead of updating more. soon my pretties, very soon.

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