Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

today we did this (and more, but it's late, my friends, and you'll have to wait):



these are some of my most recent handspun yarns, all finished and ready for the shop. from left to right: "juniper jubilee" (targhee wool); "rumpelstiltskin" (wool and silk); "io" (wool, alpaca,silk); and "bremen town" (wool....cormo? and yes Alex, that is what your new yarn is named). raspberry bushes in the background, daffodils and strawberries at his feet. it is seriously that warm here, folks, there are buds blooming in Laurelhurst Park. i hope that February doesn't turn all cruel on the little dears.


then we took the train out to my mom's house!


and i'll leave you with her splendid view of Mt. Hood. i also took some pictures of her amazingly tall thoroughbred, but he's such a handsome fellow and i'm pretty ambivalent about the pictures so i'm going to sit with them for a few days...


Friday, January 15, 2010


so much for posting more regularly. but we had a sunset after a rainstorm, and it was enough to drag my camera out of the bag, though of course all i really wanted to take pictures of was the boy.




he's turning into such a little dude, it cracks me up. more from our walk here. in other news, this is the new building that's gone up down the street. i call it the Hive (make it sound sinister), and it pretty much epitomizes where i never want to live.


and a bonus shot taken by my friend Spencer, who is still busy crossing the globe, making the world a better place one plant (or turtle) at a time. this little guy was stuck in a net, and he set it free. true story.

turtle copy