Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the Rookie

well now, i'm a bit embarrassed because i thought we had covered this ground months ago. but no, there it was, still uncovered in the neglected recesses of a photo folder, wilting and unkempt. this news that is, the new!



the boy's new rocket, his very first set of wheels. if you've been paying attention you might remember my yammering on about a certain very exciting bike shop...which happens to be full of very exciting bikes (and locally roasted coffee and fresh cookies, and the best rain jackets ever). Fuji launched a limited edition set of push-bikes for the short stacks, which is not a new concept. push-bikes are recommended for little ones because it helps them build confidence and balance while more closely mimicking the grown-up pedaling skill while they run and glide. Fuji's Rookies, though, are made of durable steel instead of wood composite, move beautifully, are adorable as pie, and come standard issue with bell and stickers. which is really what it's all about.


Anatole has proven a zealous adept and coasts in elegant freewheeling sine waves for entire city blocks, carves cookies and rooster tails (well...almost), and sometimes with daddy's help he even flies across busy streets, E.T. style, squealing with delight.

this is his very best roar:

a good bicycle will do that for you, man. this is what we do best in Portland, we love our human-powered vehicles, we do. now let's boogie!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

wondering where i am?

Sorry about that, folks. I have to admit, my attention being divided, I do tend to drift over there rather more...

But here, let me make it up to you.


From last Sunday when he came to work with me to help me do all that important barcode scanning and receipt handling. And chatting up of customers.

I'll try to do better, really and truly I will, but man alive there has not been much but fiber and teambuilding happening over here for some serious weeks, and not many conversational photos to be had from the lot of them. But I feel that old itch, as things start moving around underground, reshuffling and pushing and growing and stirring...I feel it, like I said, and I foresee a change in the future. With more camera time, as well.