Sunday, August 24, 2008

a maine thing

so many vacations, so little time. i can't write enough here to describe our trip to maine, but it was hard to leave so suffice to say that it was a very successful vacation. family came from canada and spain and we played, and laughed, so hard that by all rights i should be in twice the shape that i'm in now. no matter. i took only a fraction of the pictures i should have, but fret not for there are still plenty to go around. i've tackled them willy-nilly, and now present them in no real order. all the seaside photos without people in them i took one morning at 5:30 a.m., which i tell you only so that you know how well you should appreciate them. e took as many, if not more, pictures as i, so there is a fair showing of his work too. there are many more to follow, i'm sure. and yes, our vacation was really this good.

once again, i beg you to click on the picture to view properly. i apologize for the cumbersome sizing, i've intentionally amped up the resolution on this batch for your downloading and printing pleasure (i've never tried, hope it goes well should you seek to venture down that twisty path). and people, please, leave comments! i hate for it come to this, but at this point i'm desperate to hear from you all (it need not relate to the picture or matter at hand, even) so i'm really putting my foot down. i'm liable to do something rash...

the blanket

many of you watched me knitting this in its various stages, and here it is in all of its post-blocking glory. i loved making this thing so much i'm going to make another just for us. this one went very happily to my very pregnant friend, jane (pictures to follow), to brighten up the maine winter for mama, papa, and baby. 

blanket and boy

triple genes

it's kind of like watching time go by, isn't it? they look even more alike in real life. golly, i've landed into a handsome family!


mike and manolo. one of e's shots.


our brash and brawny brother-in-law. i am convinced that spaniards just know how to live better (or at least with greater energy!). through grievous mismanagement of camera-time i have zero pictures of his gorgeous counterpart. i've made up my mind to journey to spain to remedy this, post-haste. i miss them (all three!) so much already.


our nephew bobby. caught here in a very rare serious moment, he is positively the most winning, winsome, happy, beatific, and beautiful little lad i've ever met. eyes to drown in. a adored him, woke up talking about him almost every day.

char & b

e's cousin charlotte making bobby laugh, a big hit all around with wee and old alike. this is e's shot, but post-production was so tricky to get it to the state you see here that i'm willing to take equal credit.


e's cousin and a's confirmed new idol. another one of e's, with minor tinkering by yours truly.

fire droplets

e said this looks like fire, and by george, it kind of does (ahem, that is if you click on it to see its true colors).

ferris wheel

i have some more pictures of the carnival, this one is my personal favorite.


i finally decided that i liked this best in b&w, though the colors are great too -- acid green and olive drab, barnacles in white...too lazy to make two versions, though.

land waves

a fence under the pier.

the pier

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Mexico

today we went up to the Gila River where our good friends andrew and lexa are living. it was a wonderful unwinding as we come to the last days of our trip -- the wee loved swimming in the river with his omi and playing with everyone. it was unbelievably hot and humid (!) today so a good swimming hole was just the ticket. as for our beautiful friends, they're expecting their first mid-september, so think good thoughts of health and joy to them!


kitchen II

the outdoor kitchen at the cob house where andrew and lexa are living.

glass tops

from old telephone poles, decorating the eaves.

Friday, August 1, 2008

for gemma

my mom's kitchen in new mexico.