Sunday, August 24, 2008

a maine thing

so many vacations, so little time. i can't write enough here to describe our trip to maine, but it was hard to leave so suffice to say that it was a very successful vacation. family came from canada and spain and we played, and laughed, so hard that by all rights i should be in twice the shape that i'm in now. no matter. i took only a fraction of the pictures i should have, but fret not for there are still plenty to go around. i've tackled them willy-nilly, and now present them in no real order. all the seaside photos without people in them i took one morning at 5:30 a.m., which i tell you only so that you know how well you should appreciate them. e took as many, if not more, pictures as i, so there is a fair showing of his work too. there are many more to follow, i'm sure. and yes, our vacation was really this good.

once again, i beg you to click on the picture to view properly. i apologize for the cumbersome sizing, i've intentionally amped up the resolution on this batch for your downloading and printing pleasure (i've never tried, hope it goes well should you seek to venture down that twisty path). and people, please, leave comments! i hate for it come to this, but at this point i'm desperate to hear from you all (it need not relate to the picture or matter at hand, even) so i'm really putting my foot down. i'm liable to do something rash...

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gemma said...

Oh Miss Vi. What a spectacular little visit to the Northeast. We got back this evening. I feel like I am missing out on lots of good stories. That BLANKET! I am so sorry I did not get to caress it is all it's blocked glory. Thank god you are making another one. I am calling you tomorrow. xo gem