Sunday, August 24, 2008

triple genes

it's kind of like watching time go by, isn't it? they look even more alike in real life. golly, i've landed into a handsome family!


Deirdre said...

Hello love! As usual, words are so insufficient to describe the heart-tugging sensations elicited by your beautiful photos. I envy you your artistic vision. How come I never see these things? You'd think one of my faves would be of Bobby, but in this case I think I'll have to go with the flaming sea shot - achingly lovely (and yes, I did see all the myriad colors in full size!). We had such a good time with you, and I am so happy to have finally had the chance to get to know you. You're better than I had even dared to hope and I feel privileged to have a sister-in-law like you. I can see how much you adore Ethan, which automatically makes you one of my all-time favorite people, and you are doing such a fantastic job mothering Anatole that I can only hope to live up to you in the future. Thank you so much for making the effort to come. I know this was only the first of many equally enjoyable encounters. Next US trip - West Coast!
Love and hugs and kisses to the three of you from the three of us!

Vi.A Productions said...

ah, dee, thank you so much! i landed back here and immediately got a frightful cold (too many climate zone changes in too short a time, i think, plus some questionable food choices...). i miss you, i miss the ocean.