Wednesday, July 30, 2008


our friend and her 9mo at Penny Park in Silver City, when playtime was winding down...oh, and this site is really frustrating me with what it does to the photos, so please please, if you don't already, click on the photos to view them. not only will you see them larger and in greater detail, but the colors and contrast will be better and so will my, ahem, artistic pride. wishing you all a lovely day!

surface of the moon

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


yes, my child does smile! a lot, actually, just so rarely when i point a lens at his mug. (rather: the smiling pictures are almost always blurry, since joy and repose do not dwell together in the toddler will notice that this picture is still a bit fuzzy. i decided to live with it to show off his gorgeous chompers.) there are a few more pictures from today i'll be posting i think, but not now. it's late and my blasted personal computer device is really putting my knickers in a twist. pox on it.

omi & me

finally a shot of me mum.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

bridge over Big Ditch

i tried taking pictures of Big Ditch itself (more of what i would call a gully, really) to show what he's looking at, but they were all too heinous or boring. imagine it. back in the early 20th century the Big Ditch used to be main street, which was washed out in a couple epic floods, aided by poor city planning and swamp drainage. silver city's name used to be San Vicente de la Cienaga, cienaga meaning swamp (right? are all you spaniards going to come down upon me with terrible wrath?). it's hard to imagine this little mountain town anywhere close to swampy, but now we have the Big Ditch to act as drain for the entire downtown area.

corn angel

yes, those are BabyLegs on his arms; a chill day in SC. so much water fell out of the sky this afternoon, i almost started building a boat.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


smiling at his private joke.

it's been my goal to post a picture a day during our NM trip, but i'm not up on my mom's internet yet, sigh, so here's for the first week.

storm, church, wires

the sky to the north gathers like this pretty much every day during monsoon season, soon to take over the entire sky. the storms here are sometimes epic and anyone will tell you who knows: there is no smell on earth like the desert after a rainstorm.

san vicente catholic


his new toy, in keeping with his vehicular obsession.

shining boy

bridge on bayard and yankie

for the can fill to whitewater proportions and be dry a day or two later.

good morning

spring street

storms from the first day, on my mom's street.

Monday, July 14, 2008


so, this picture is from...a month ago. my lame self didn't get around to doing anything about it until now.
so it goes. i've been excited about the possibilities of processing only in the RAW and that's made all my previous work seem sort of uninteresting to me. but this picture gives me warm feelings...