Monday, December 21, 2009


from our snack today. i'm trying to get back in the habit of just taking pictures, wherever i can.


Friday, December 18, 2009

about time

it happens, it does, and rapidly at that. non-sequitur: the best thing about December is all the birthdays. continuing in the theme from my previous post two (!) months ago, we have birthdays.

this radiant boy turned three this week.


and we even managed to document the day, a rarity anymore around here.


and today my very best friend and most constant companion since birth, my big brother, turns another year older. wow. big brothers never cease to always be so much bigger.


so far no current documentation of the day exists, but i like this view better anyway since it expresses his self so much more neatly. we snuck out of the house at a truly insensible hour this morning for a secret birthday treat, then came home and made pancakes. thank you, Chris, for being you.

and these are but the ones that i live many more friends and family have jumped up the calendar in the past couple of weeks, busy times indeed. i hope all your celebrations, past and imminent, are as jolly!