Friday, January 15, 2010


so much for posting more regularly. but we had a sunset after a rainstorm, and it was enough to drag my camera out of the bag, though of course all i really wanted to take pictures of was the boy.




he's turning into such a little dude, it cracks me up. more from our walk here. in other news, this is the new building that's gone up down the street. i call it the Hive (make it sound sinister), and it pretty much epitomizes where i never want to live.


and a bonus shot taken by my friend Spencer, who is still busy crossing the globe, making the world a better place one plant (or turtle) at a time. this little guy was stuck in a net, and he set it free. true story.

turtle copy


Presents said...

I like turtles!!

My new place is distinctly more hive-like than the last, but also, it doesn't smell like cat pee. So...hive win.

Anonymous said...
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