Tuesday, September 14, 2010

home again, home again

it's autumn, i don't care what the calendar says. thus, the mittens (early in the morning, but my it was brisk!).


and what else? when we came home from Maine i was gripped by a need to make cobbler. and then another. i can see making a habit out of this because oh my goodness, people, it's like i'd never eaten fruit+dough before. crispy on top, buttery light underneath, and full of powerful fruit sweetness on the bottom.


there have also been potfuls (potsful? why not when we say passersby instead of passerbys?) of soup which never get their pictures taken, and even some pictures for pictures' sake. ahem, fair warning, this falls pretty heavily in the artistic pretensions category. the post-process was negligible, which is all i'll say. otherwise, it was great fun.



and spinning, at long last! i'm creating a whole other fiber arts blog (soon!) to finally vent all those adventures somewhere specific for people who care about such things, but i cannot resist showing off this hefty (400 yards!) skein i named 'Pandora's Box', on sale now at Twisted.


there are most certainly games afoot, to be released soon upon the world. all that and with the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival coming up (psst, anyone who hasn't yet found that perfect something for my birthday, look no further) i am drowning in wooly bliss.

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