Thursday, October 28, 2010

by bike

Most days of the week I take the boy to school on the bike -- not because I'm virtuous, mind, but because we are a very busy family with one car. I enjoy the ride, though, especially on beautiful October mornings. We've been lucky with the weather so far, but that luck is not going to hold and I know that I will be cold and soggy on the slog very very soon. Perhaps even tomorrow. But Anatole will be cozy and dry in his little trailer, at least, packed in with mitties and blankets and a rain cover...


I took the camera along the other day, figuring it would be one of the last good days when I could without risking water damage. So here, some snapshots from the roads of southeast Portland:


among the challenges inherent in photographing by bike is the blur factor, but I couldn't resist at least one passing attempt at the foliage.


Belmont and 34th:



Hawthorne with a misty Mt. Tabor in the background:


And the bike thoroughfare that is Clinton:


That was pretty much all I managed on the ride...I feared for my camera and my life to take it out of my coat too much, but I may try again on some fair-weather day in the future. When I got home, though, our kitty was posing most picturesquely in the fallen leaves.


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