Saturday, May 23, 2009

to buy a fat pig

the blogosphere is awash in posts stuffed to the hilt with vibrant rows of plump vegetables and value-added products. we too went to the farmer's market, and produce abounded. i took pictures of none of that; rather, we ate our Pine State biscuits and danced


Anatole made an instant friend


who drew him after her in a mesmerizing chase until he popped out of the bubble of my control altogether.

cross process

there were instantly too many people, and he was so much faster, and out of sight.

yellow lines

we found each other again, but not before he was in tears (fortunately, because his siren became an instant and solid locus point for his searching mama) and i was gripped by endless possibilities. and then we bought strawberries. but still tonight in poring through the pictures of the day i felt a petit frisson of that same fear and relief, so this market post is full of his vibrant self, not a veggie in sight.

face in color

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