Wednesday, May 20, 2009

moses supposes...

(by the way, i automatically love you if you get the title)

feets n feets


having a very under-motivated day here. i have a theory about solar-powered mojo (in the parlance of our times), and it's overcast today. but here are these, from our weekend and a boy who likes to wear 'just feet' and 'just head' in our newly-minted warm weather.


melissa said...

mr kelly says: i don't see the tap bit in here, kids! but, gene, it's a lazy day in pdx, the lady sez... not erroneously

i know these cute toes, all 20 of 'em

Vi.A Productions said...

lazy toes indeed, smellin' like roses, all 20 of 'em. but it's a cinch that i already love you!

Deirdre said...

But we knowses these roses aren't toeses!!
Love me too... why must such lovely toeses be so far away? Am doing a book on the Majorcan peninsula of Formentor and its history as a Mecca for art and culture giants, vely intelesting but am a bit sick of so many terribly brilliant people and the impossible things they write - way too brilliant for a translation to do them justice. I am a veritable butcher of art today.

Vi.A Productions said...

i already do, dear belle-soeur! your job sounds so glamorous. ahhh, we wish a visit were on order in the near future...think positive, eh? aaaa <-- so says the boy, who says that only he may push this particular key!