Tuesday, May 20, 2008

take a bow

well friends, this concludes our great southwestern adventure. these last two pictures are from an afternoon we spent in silver city's Community Built Park, commonly called Penny Park since it was created entirely out of donations and community sweat, and it is truly the most amazing park i've ever seen, anywhere. i stupidly did not take more pictures of it, but there you go. there was just too much fun to be had...i regret extremely the oversight of not taking any pictures of my incredible mom to share, but whenever we were all hanging out we were usually too busy to then go waving a camera around -- busy riding her gigantic and noble steed (who is also notably absent from this blog), playing, eating, laughing and falling in the dirt (ahem, this was mostly my province, as is my wont).

to follow in the next few days are photos from our camping trip to the beach this past weekend. and holy moly, i took near five hundred photographs. prepare yourselves...

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gemma said...

Looks like a leathers playground...http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/examiner/archive/2000/08/27/NEWS8310.dtl

My Ma spearheaded a community playground in the town where I grew up way back when...20 years ago now. We called ours Kidstown. It is still gorgeous, though I wonder if anyone is keeping up with the laborious sealant treatments, now that my Ma is retired from the kiddie scene.