Tuesday, May 13, 2008

city of rocks

for the next installment in our new mexico adventures, we go to the city of rocks (unimaginative name, but a fair description), and man, it was bright. and hot. and win. dee. this is actually City of Rocks Adventures: Part the First. Part the Second will follow, and is rather more indelibly seared into my memory...but more on that another day. for now, we are clambering about on some seriously cool rocks and frying our eyeballs. you'll notice that the pictures are rather on the more highlighty (this is now a word, feel free to use it in scrabble) end of the spectrum, and that's after significant darkening by yours truly. yes, it is that bright in new mexico. and yes, the sky is that blue. ahhhhhh.

the colors are aggravatingly washed out, more because of the image flattening to jpeg than the sun. imagine these as richer, usually i fiddle around for hours so that they come through to you as clean and interesting as they appear on my screen, but i'm tired tonight and thusly a wee bit apathetic.

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