Friday, July 9, 2010

{meat cheese bread}

i've been pretty lackadaisical about this whole blogging thing. for this, i apologize. but now it's sweltering outside so i'm up far later than is prudent, waiting for my body temperature to drop enough to sleep. what else to do but work through some of the backlog?

haha, it's pretty hilarious that last night when i went to try to post photos i was so it heat poisoning + fatigue, shall we? and i'm such technowimp. fortunately, under the clear light of day, all changes flickr made were instantly obvious, so without further ado, here are some shots from our new favorite sandwich shop (see title of post). any establishing shots i took were inferior so those must wait for another day, and food shots are not in attendance either. this is why i'm no photojournalist. really, you'd never know we were in a single location...oh well, that's why i tell you about it. i'll take my camera back soon, i promise.

orange & grey
{on the way there. really, this is just about my favorite color combination}


{anatole took this one! heehee!}


you get a peek of one of the walls behind her in that last one, i just loved the way she was sitting, talking to her friends. i think she totally didn't notice that i took her picture, either, which made me feel like a ninja. so there we are, squares and cryptic shots! more to follow, and you can hold me to that.


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Alex said...

Agreed, your child is super stylish. Shaping up to be pretty good with a camera, too, from what I've seen.