Friday, June 25, 2010

a quick week

more like four days, but good long ones, at the coast.

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Cannon Beach has all these adorable and plentiful feral (in the lightest sense) domestic rabbits. they are very unafraid.



we even went to the skate park, and didn't damage ourselves too badly. i, with much encouragement, totally skated over that mild-mannered lump in the middle. whatever, it's scarier than it looks.



anatole, true to form, enchanted a whole family of charming kids. he's like the pied piper, i swear, he has this ability to make all kinds of older and 'cooler' kids -- who by all rights would ignore and derride the little guy -- follow him to the ends of the earth. when we left, this trio was thanking us for the privilege of playing with him. it's inspiring, i'll tell you.

to see the whole set, as always, click the little flickr widget over there on the right. i haven't played with any of them really, so they are without the frills of explanations or chatter, but they're all in a group and there is lots of sunshine, water and sand. lovely.

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