Friday, June 12, 2009


a lot of things happening, hard to cohere...but we shall try: today was anatole's last day of school. we shall be very sad, but summer vacation is as exciting as ever. his teacher is expecting her first mid-july, so i made her a present:

baby surprise jacket

and did you catch that? those are fishbowl buttons!

fish bowl buttons

i did a photoshoot at the school last week, but i don't want to be putting other peoples' kids all over the internet without their permission, so for now those remain in the private collection. it was a very sweet morning, a montessori classroom is still one of my favorite places to be.

also, last week we had our rose festival dragonboat races!


(neither of those is us since i was taking the picture, but you get the idea at least.) and WE WON! we had five heats in all over the course of the weekend, so amazing, so thrilling, so exhausting, with the drizzly skies and the adrenaline and the medals and trophy and everything. you need to just imagine it all since the only other shoddy picture i have for you is this one of the finish flags and geese:

goose race

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