Friday, September 5, 2008

we's a company

these last two posts conclude our Maine installment. here we are with some of our dearest friends in the whole-wide world. andrew (in plaid) you saw with us in NM pictures; to his right, his big sister (and my college roomie) Jane (and wee) and her man, Joe -- recipients of knitted blanket featured in earlier photos.

to be quite honest, this is my least favorite type of picture...a whole group of people painfully geared up for a photograph that no one really wants to be in...i tried taking others, but these three were so blasted recalcitrant in front of the camera they successfully foiled all of my most charming attempts to capture them beautifully. yeah, laugh it up guys, i assure you the battle is not over. rats, now i have to go out and take a whole 'nother batch of photos. 

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Anonymous said...

vivi is heather n. from mac times. i want to get back in touch with you how can i do this? ill give you my phone number if you email me back.

much love,

ps. sorry for being off topic