Saturday, March 1, 2008

rain and little haystack

we went to the beach yesterday, which turned out the be the first rainy day in a good long while. figuring that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, we went looking for rain gear for anatole (finally!), deciding that we were tough enough salts to brave the storms as we were. hah.

the only children's rain gear we could find in all of pacific city was a very sweet, very chic, very feminine coat and boots set. being parents of the new century, we forged ahead, and i think that anatole pulls his new equipment off with greater finesse than anyone i've seen. the bright colors were a blessing for the photos, too. yes, being insane i did take my precious camera into the driving rain and sand, well wrapped in plastic and rubber bands. the plastic gave the photos a sort of vaseline-lens effect, which lends the scene a dreamy, cozy sort of feel. don't be fooled, it was wicked out there, and we had a blast.

this first photo is of the rain on the windshield looking out at that rock by cape kiwanda that looks exactly like haystack rock, but isn't. the intensity of the weather had definitely increased exponentially by the time we got suited up and had snacks and maybe said a few prayers. the wind was such that anatole got knocked facedown a couple times before he got the hang of leaning into it. i did take pictures of that, but ethan said that to do so was sadistic, so i did not post them.

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